Davies Consulting Partners with Avoira to Extend Industry-Leading Analytics Offer

22nd February 2021

Partnership adds further real-time capability to managed analytics service

Davies Consulting are delighted to announce a new partnership with Avoira to offer a compelling new managed service for powerful real-time interaction analytics. Avoira is a leading UK distributor for the market-leading Xdroid voice analytics portfolio, and the partnership will make Xdroid available as part of Davies’ managed analytics solution.

Xdroid combines interaction analytics with machine learning and AI, to provide not only an insight into the language of a customer conversation but also the tone and sentiment. For post-call analysis, that gives a detailed picture of how a conversation has evolved, that can be used in powerful ways, such as to track how successfully an agent has managed a frustrated customer.

Real-time analytics aimed at agents

However, for many Davies clients, the richest possibilities will come from the addition of Xdroid’s Real-time Agent Assist tool to their existing interaction analytics service. As the name suggests, Agent Assist uses real-time analytics to provide agents with insights, tips and prompts they can use during the interaction to personalise the conversation, ensure compliance and increase retention or cross-selling.

It tracks customer sentiment, so the advisor can see instantly if they appear to be winning – or losing – a customer’s focus, and provides essential instructions, even nudging agents to speak louder where necessary. The tool can be configured to client needs and of course, as it uses machine learning, will become more valuable to an organisation the more they use it.

An immediate difference to contact centre performance

Davies’ Director of Insight and Analytics, Lee Mostari, is looking forward to putting the Xdroid solution to work. “Real-time Agent Assist puts the power of real-time analytics in the hands of the advisors. Because it’s so easy to use, and provides a live assessment of how the call is going, it will make an immediate difference to contact centre performance.”

Steve Watts, CX Practice Director at Avoira welcomed the new partnership, saying: “The incorporation of Xdroid within Davies’ managed analytics service creates a truly compelling proposition. It will harness proven analytics expertise with higher level, AI-powered functionality that will enable Davies’ clients to realise step-gains in contact centre sales and service performance.”

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