Using cloud-native technology to create seamless CX for leading UK insurer

  • Better streamlined and contextualised support offered by the unification of previously separate service channels

  • More efficient and effective query actioning from speech analytics data and customer chat transcripts, which provide context around customer intent

  • Cost-saving advantages from leveraging the power of Amazon Connect to move interactions to more appropriate, less expensive channels

  • Silver award winners at the Insurance Times Tech and Innovation Awards 2023


A leading UK insurer found itself dealing with a common problem; disjointed customer service, which didn’t match up to their core purpose of fixing insurance for good. They approached Davies to redesign a future operating model that would be “an exceptional digital-first support model, with seamless and delightful customer experiences that provides real commercial value and an industry-leading cost model.”

As part of this bold transformation programme, the client wanted to create an intuitive and responsive digital platform that would provide great CX without interruption—solving a pain point for both their employees and customers.

How we helped

Davies were brought in to help implement a cloud-native technology platform for seamless customer experiences across all channels, including service, claims, and sales. We also supported the client on strategy, design, build, and upskilling to facilitate ownership of the solution to reduce future run costs.

Davies helped identify Amazon Connect as the best choice of Contact Centre as a Service (CSaaS), and through this we were able to build contact flows across multiple channels including telephony/voicebots, and chat/chatbots, with seamless handovers and escalations (as well as de-escalations to lower cost channels) across the contact funnel.

We then helped to integrate the Amazon’s cloud-native technology platform across all channels, as well as deploying our own personnel into the client’s transformation teams, allowing us to get things done efficiently and effectively.

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