Developing new processes to obtain high volumes of useful data

  • Monthly report of processing performance & issues

  • 3,660 loaded bordereaux

  • Enhanced data quality

How we helped

Our objective was to backload all contracts and bordereaux for previous years for a Lloyd’s Managing Agent. We maintained a business as usual process and provided data for meaningful management information.
This entity had been using the services of a third party system to gather and upload critical binding authority data for reporting purposes, but had decided that the process was not working as only minimal data was being recorded.


We developed several new successful processes to help obtain high volumes of useful data when our client needed it. Following a successful proof of concept where our bespoke system and service offering were tested, the decision to switch service providers to us was taken. Within 30 days we provided this client with a monthly executive report of processing performance and issues, along with 3,660 loaded bordereaux, with the remaining escalated to our client with reasons for failure to process. We also identified a number of incomplete and inaccurate bordereaux and in turn implemented a data enrichment process to enhance the data quality contained within the bordereau. Finally, we provided our client with a structured data extract for consumption within the client’s data warehouse.

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