What if you could turn your unhappy customers into loyal advocates?

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Are you sure your complaints are being dealt with in line with your customers’ expectations?

As a major partner to the insurance industry, we understand where the challenges and opportunities are within your complaints functions – and we can bring our experience and expertise to your business in many ways, including:

  • Operational resilience and flexibility – we partner with firms to support and manage surges and service disruption to ensure consistency of outcomes.
  • Effective recruitment, retention, training and onboarding of staff
  • Ensure processes and outcomes are reflective of the challenging regulatory environment and ever-changing customer expectations.
  • Effective use of data, MI and reporting
  • Identify and reduce complaints risk through effective root cause analysis.

Our teams know the insurance industry like the back of their hand and equip our clients with the tools they need to turn complainants into advocates.

Work with us to ensure your complaints function is being heard and customers are being put at the centre of your business.

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It all starts with your complaints team

We know that one of the biggest challenges right now for firms is the recruitment and retention of complaints handlers. Having the ability to rebuild brand perception after a poor experience, is critical. We remove the risk and stress of recruitment by providing access to a pre-trained and pre-vetted team of insurance complaint handlers that can be embedded into your business, so you can deploy flexibility and immediately react to peaks in volume.

Find out how we help insurers to revolutionise the way they source and develop talent.

Let’s speed things up

With many insurers handling complaints in a disjointed and labour-intensive way, there’s no wonder customers are frustrated. Big changes are in motion for the insurance sector. Don’t get left behind, we can help you automate your complaints processes to make handling complaints quick and easy for your customers.

Automating your complaints can mean:

  • Greater cost efficiencies
  • More human power to divert to important tasks
  • Shorter time-to-resolution for non-complex complaints
  • Identification and suitable care of vulnerable customers

Find out four ways leveraging automation can reduce employee turnover in financial services.

Get to the root of it

Optimising your complaints process shouldn’t just be about improving how customers complain, but also minimising the need for them to complain in the first place.

To help you identify and improve customer pain points, our team can conduct a Root Cause Analysis. This independent assessment of the complaints process can help to uncover gaps and recommend measures needed to improve these processes and reduce complaint volumes.

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Supporting vulnerable customers

47% of UK adults showed 1 or more characteristics of vulnerability in 2022 – FCA

Our insurance experts are here to ensure you are providing the best possible outcomes for vulnerable customers. Whether identifying vulnerable customers using CX technology, or training teams on soft skills such as empathy, we help insurers improve overall customer experience and lower complaint volumes.

Read our latest white paper on supporting vulnerable customers and building employee resilience in the insurance sector.


“Adhering to Consumer Duty requirements is vital as an insurer. Not least because failing to do so can result in significant financial and reputational loss, but because it’s the right thing to do. Your customers trust your business to do right by them, and while we can’t always get everything 100% right, missing the mark with your complaints process means missing out on opportunities to improve your customer service—particularly for silent sufferers whose views would otherwise go unheard.”

Nikki Ceko Strategic Client Director – Insurance

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