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An independent launch and host platform for new and established MGAs

We operate as an independent incubator platform offering a “launch and host” service to entrepreneurs, private companies and corporates who are looking to establish a Managing General Agent (MGA). We provide a service support function to existing fully authorised MGAs and we also offer a general bespoke service support to entities involved in the delegated underwriting arena.

We provide our clients with the required level of resources and structure to ensure our service is positioned to operate to the highest regulatory standards.

Legacy business frequently takes valuable resource in a broking firm away from their primary role of winning and servicing ‘live’ business and negatively impacts results and bottom line costs. Our ‘broker wrap’ will enhance the value of the broker’s live business, removing the uncertainty and challenges associated with legacy business.

‘Broker wrap’ takes all the responsibility for legacy issues away from the broker from a set point in time. Where possible, we, through our regulated subsidiary, will purchase the legacy entity in its entirety and agree a fee to cover the run-off. If it is not possible to acquire the entity, the wrap can still be completed by securing client consent to the transfer.

We have two subsidiaries which act as FCA authorised intermediaries with Lloyd’s accreditation.

These fully independent intermediaries have TOBAs in place and existing business relationships with a significant proportion of the London market and are able to provide capacity support in a wide range of insurance classes and disciplines.

We can provide a regulatory framework that allows intermediaries to become an appointed representative and operate under one of our authorised intermediaries.

Our Broker representative and consolidation service provides effective broker replacement to assume full broker of record responsibilities thereby providing enhanced services in a cost effective and regulatory compliant manner.


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