Powering resilience across the broker community with a digital customer journey

Davies at BIBA 2021

Following a challenging year for our communities and our industry, resilience is an excellent theme for this year’s BIBA conference.

As a strategic claims partner for brokers across the UK, helping our clients stay resilient has been and continues to be crucial as we begin to recover from the impacts of the pandemic. Understanding what customers want and need and how employees are feeling is essential for any broking firm looking to stay resilient in the months ahead. We’ll be discussing how together we can support our respective colleagues and customers through this change and how technology can play its role in that challenge.

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A journey centred on what customers want

Our technology strategy has always been centred around what customers want. Traditionally, many customers wanted to speak to a person about their claim, but we’re seeing that more and more customers prefer the wider range of contact options we can now provide.

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Future of insurance

 When lockdown was announced in March 2020, the scale of the adjustment required for remote working may have warranted insurance businesses pressing pause on people’s development. But, with lockdown accelerating the use of technology, it’s been much more of a case of fast forward.

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Addressing fundamental market inefficiencies

In the UK insurance market, transformation is gathering pace. COVID-19 and the need for a sudden and complete move to remote operations was handled very successfully, and it has created a legacy that will provide both opportunities and challenges. What we have seen from this last year, is that resilience is key and that the momentum of modernisation that we’ve seen must be maintained. This is particularly true in the London insurance market where Lloyd’s and to some extent, the other London-based specialist insurers, are finally addressing fundamental market inefficiencies.

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