Our technology-led solutions help drive efficiency and streamline operations

Our proprietary SaaS technology helps clients manage their compliance & identity verification, customer & employee success analytics and digital training. Our technology-led solutions help businesses drive efficiency and streamline their operations.

Customer satisfaction is acknowledged as the most important metric in UK contact centres. The best way to find out if your customers are satisfied is by asking them. NPS, Effort and CSAT questions combined with free text comments to give real-time insights of how your customers feel; and will give you the understanding you need to improve customer experience, loyalty and advocacy.

Our solutions span voice of the customer, social media and voice of the employee with insights generated through IVR, email, SMS, web, webchat, beacon technology or embedded in existing digital app-based platforms.

Our clients use the feedback generated in several ways to drive business benefit, including; agent management performance, brand management, customer retention, closing the feedback loop, process improvement and treating customers fairly. Our latest product, popcorn, allows clients to ‘listen’ to social media interactions about their brand and align this to other internal metrics to gain a more rounded view of how customers perceive their service delivery and help improve their reputation.

Through our AML and KYC checks we provide a comprehensive suite of online reports covering UK and international individuals. From one simple login you will have a vast range of checks available to you from AML to International ID checks. There are options to include more data, check machine readable passports worldwide and even check where in the world a mobile phone was last turned on. Whether you are complying with the laws governing the regulated sector regarding AML and KYC, or you work in HR and need more information on a potential employee, we supply solutions tailored to your requirements.