6 Steps to Building Personal Resilience

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    What are the 6 Steps to building personal resilience?

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    14th June 2023



    What time?

    1-2 pm BST

    Who can come?

    Yourself, and anyone else in your business who you think would find it useful.

    What’s the catch?

    There isn’t one, this is our gift.


    •Welcome and introductions

    •The resilient mindset and how to use it

    •Your mindset and the 6 domains of resilience

    •Questions and reflections

    Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, attendance is capped at 50 participants. As a result, this workshop will work on a first come first serve basis. You will receive email confirmation of your place that will contain a link to the workshop. We look forward to seeing you.
    Our thought leadership in the resilience space has helped us develop a unique mindset model, which will be practically explored in the session, along with connecting to the 6 domains of resilience. When we have delivered this session in the past, learners have commented on how powerful the tool is and how easy it is to apply in both their personal and work lives.