Annual Surveys

Understand the Bigger Picture with Annual Employee Surveys

Annual Surveys

Understand the Bigger Picture with Annual Employee Surveys

Get to know what really matters to your team.

Our Annual Surveys help you to connect with individual employees and explore your workforce engagement more broadly.

For Managers and Directors, as well as HR Departments, boosting employee engagement is all about cultivating a sense of belonging, alignment, and commitment to push the businesses onwards and upwards.

80% engagement score given to companies who act well on feedback compared to 40% for those companies that don’t.”

58% of employees wish their company conducted employee engagement surveys more frequently”

Simplifying employee feedback and interaction.

Juggling employee engagement with all the other areas of the business can be a bit like spinning plates. Our Annual Surveys provide a fully loaded yearly check-up for your employees, helping you to evaluate organisational health.

Kickstarting the conversation between employees and management, our surveys boost morale and help build relationships, whilst providing the ability to evaluate manager and employee interaction across multiple departments – investigating the ‘why’ behind engagement levels.

Revitalise your Employee Experience masterplan with our Engagement Surveys

Our surveying tools will form part of your employee engagement and feedback strategy, allowing you to plan organisational improvements and make them happen.

  • Personalised survey builder – ask the questions that matter
  • Range of survey methods – send to a dispersed workforce quickly
  • Tailored dashboard – filter through submissions via custom views
  • Access to our expert team – we’ll guide you every step of the way

Interested in real-time Mood Tracking? Our new product CheckIn might be just the thing for you – it’s designed to boost employee wellness and performance in the workplace.

Measure for success

Along with our employee surveys, you can get your hands on a fully customisable dashboard and reporting capabilities via the Bedrock platform – allowing you to set your own benchmarks and KPIs.


  • Tailored views and filtering – breakdown key segments to evaluate problem areas fast
  • KPI tracking – stay on top of your long-term goals
  • Alerts – identify bigger issues immediately

Providing support every step of the way

At Davies, we are experts in engaging employees, and we will share all we know with you. Helping you establish processes to collect, analyse, and action employee feedback. So you have the power to take control of any problems and focus on what really matters – making your employees feel valued.

Interested in connecting more deeply and broadly with your employees through Annul Surveys?
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