Employee Feedback – Ready When You Are 


Employee Feedback – Ready When You Are 

Keep a handle on your entire Employee Experience program with our powerful yet flexible Bedrock platform.

Davies Bedrock platform collates all of your Voice of the Employee data under one roof, meaning that all responses to your Annual and Pulse surveys are ready and waiting whenever you need them. With intuitive dashboards to ensure that your most important scores are always to hand, you can dive deeper into the meaning of each report with our suite of Insights tools, with just a couple of clicks!


Mood Tracker – always on

Healthy and happy employees power successful businesses. Davies Mood Tracker has been designed to get managers, employees and their colleagues talking.

At its core, Mood Tracker is a tool that gives employees a voice among the day-to-day noise of business, enabling them to give speedy feedback on how they are feeling. And if they need support, they have a direct channel into their team manager or HR Department, whichever they need.

With Bedrock, you have instant access to this data – whenever, wherever.

We’ll help you keep employee wellness at the forefront of your working culture, making sure employees feel listened to, valued, and supported.

Learning retention

Employee learning that never gets forgotten about

Employee engagement goes hand in hand with feeling empowered to do a good job. Davies’ learning retention product, Errol Owl, provides an easy and enjoyable way for your teams to keep their knowledge up to scratch – and a way for your business to identify any knowledge gaps that can be plugged by further learning or coaching.

Managers can access learner data and quiz results from within the Bedrock platform, so you can always easily identify team members who may be struggling and require further support. While employees have effortless access to the knowledge they need to achieve their best, fostering loyalty and maximizing employee retention in the process.

We do more than just provide the tech

From built-in reporting, to live updates and dashboard options, you can make Davies’ solutions your own, customizing Bedrock to help you address whatever challenges you’re experiencing. Meaning that you can quickly and effectively make your employees feel more valued – which is what it’s all about.

And we’ll be there to support you at every step of the way, with personalized guidance from our Employee Experience experts, from set-up and beyond. Helping you to streamline managerial workflows in order to get managers and employees talking, collaborating, and generally doing great things together.

Let us help you to put your employees first.

Let us help you to put your employees first.
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