Human Resources

Instilling a Transparent, Empowered Working Culture

Human Resources

Instilling a Transparent, Empowered Working Culture

With our Employee Experience products, you have the power to ensure that all your staff and managers receive the consistent experiences and levels of support they need.


90+% of HR professionals said it’s important for their companies to demonstrate empathy”

Effectively facilitate employee satisfaction and make your business easier to manage

Dynamic businesses take ownership of how their employees feel about their company.

With our Voice of the Employee surveying products, you have the insight to easily understand the viewpoint of your employees. And take action to engender positive change. Annual Surveys can help you to check you have the right goals and priorities for your year ahead. While Pulse Surveys ensure you stay on track to meet those goals, quickly revealing if you are hitting the mark – or if you need to change course. Together, these tools can help you to build an open and transparent working culture that will leave your team feeling empowered and appreciated.

Reducing team churn

Understanding employee wants and outlooks is integral to maximising the potential and value of your team. With our intuitive and sensitive Mood Tracker, you can reduce burnout and ultimately increase Employee Retention by ensuring your staff can track how they are feeling and ask for help if they need it.

This simple yet safe space for employees to interact with both the HR department and their Team Managers streamlines communication and facilitates much better understanding of needs and concerns. In addition, affording employees the opportunity to reflect on how they are feeling fosters an unbeatable culture of support and growth, keeping Employee Wellness at the fore where it belongs.

Davies’ products have been created to help you effectively transition to new ways of working. Whether that is a more blended approach towards home working, flexi-shifts, or team amalgamation, we can ensure you have the tools you need to offer your staff the levels of support they need.

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