Employee Engagement

Be the motivation your employees need

Employee Engagement

Be the motivation your employees need

Enhance employee motivation and performance with our Employee Experience platform.

Businesses with engaged employees see a 41% reduction in absenteeism and a 17% increase in employee productivity

95% of workers said they know when they’re becoming disengaged, which is usually due to a lack of compelling business goals, trusted relationships and well-designed jobs.

Give your employees a voice

Clear and transparent lines of communication are integral to employee engagement. With Voice of the Employee, you can help your team to feel listened to, with a platform that allows their opinions to be heard. 

Survey your way to happier employees

Engaged and invested employees power successful businesses. Pulse Surveys can provide you with an employee opinion temperature check, allowing you to effectively identify issues that may impact performance and commitment, as they arise. And putting you in a position to proactively remove any emerging roadblocks to your employee engagement.

For more in-depth insights, Annual Surveys can provide you with a detailed understanding of what your workforce thinks of your organization and its practices. The positives and the negatives. Giving you visibility of any grievance blind spots and the knowledge to keep your employee engagement focused.

Keep track of employee ups and downs

Surveys alone are not enough to keep employees happy. You need to provide the time and space for team members to reflect on how they are feeling on a personal level.

With Mood Tracker, you can support employees with the tools they need to better balance their work lives. Delivering an easy line of communication between employees, their team managers, and your Human Resources department, the platform puts employee wellbeing first. This is important, because a supported team is a committed team.

Give employee learning center stage

Equally important to staff engagement is the provision of effective self-improvement tools. Motivating team members to brush up on areas they may be struggling with and grow their experience will help them to feel good about the job they are doing.

Davies’ Learning Retention platform has been designed to keep employees learning and growing while providing managers and directors with the insights they need to troubleshoot problems and reduce employee churn.

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