Call Archiving

Store your customer call recordings with confidence

Call Archiving

Store your customer call recordings with confidence

By securely migrating your customer call recordings to the cloud, where they can be preserved indefinitely but remain accessible, you can meet any stringent compliance challenges and reduce costs too.

75%+ cost reduction for long-term storage of c.0.5bn calls.

Rethink your call archiving

Many organizations have amassed tens, or even hundreds of terabytes of legacy call recordings over the years, equating to billions of minutes of conversation. Often, these calls are stored on backup tapes, which are prone to deterioration over time and are difficult to maintain securely.

Various (sometimes competing) regulations dictate varying retention periods. Also, if litigation ensues, then specific recordings will need to be retained indefinitely whilst it continues.

Rather than attempting to maintain legacy call recordings, archived locally across multiple disparate sites around the world in a variety of formats, with Davies’ help you can centralize them to a single cloud-based platform with three major wins: lowering costs associated with legacy systems, reducing risk from non-compliant data, and easing operational friction.

What it does

  • All call recordings can then be maintained indefinitely and accessed via an online portal from anywhere.
  • Centralizes and controls access, while assisting regulatory compliance.
  • Reduces costs through centralized storage and legacy system support.
  • Simplifies call retrieval and playback for enhanced accessibility while ensuring the highest security protocols are observed.

Once you have tackled your call archiving, you can transform how your record and manage with our Call Recording solution. 

How it works

Compliance you can count on

  • Regulators can require organizations to retain details of customer conversations for many years. Davies can assist with long-term storage while providing the security necessary to avoid the risk of data breaches.
  • U.S. DPA/GDPR mandates that you can locate all data pertaining to a data subject, Call Archiving files all calls in a searchable manner, allowing for rapid retrieval – and guaranteed compliance.
  • PCI DSS insists that all Cardholder Data Environments (CDEs) within an enterprise are protected with PCI controls. While pause/resume (or mute/unmute) technologies have consistently failed to prevent ALL payment card data from entering call recordings. With automatic cardholder data redaction, Davies can improve your compliance procedures.

Simplified call preservation

  • Eliminate longevity concerns over media decay, access, or playback by securely transferring recordings and metadata to the cloud with our Call Recording solution.
  • Support any retention period, whether it’s 30 days or 60 years!
  • The centralization of recordings means that all current and legacy calls can be simply managed in the cloud and accessed from a single portal.

Keeps cost down

  • Eliminate costly ‘end of life’ upgrades to maintain access to legacy data.
  • Enhance efficiency by reducing user time and effort to locate calls, helping to maximize team potential and avoid compliance fines.
  • Enjoy lower storage costs as all data is retained in the cloud.

We’ll stick around and support you

We get it. Moving your call recording data into on central point is a big undertaking and a daunting task. Our team of experts are on hand to guide you through this process and make sure your business gets real value at the end of it all.

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