Call Recording

Record and protect your customer calls

Call Recording

Record and protect your customer calls

For many organizations, being able to record, store, and play back phone conversations with customers is a regulatory requirement.

When that requirement extends to accessing those recordings for many years (even decades), a number of technical and operational challenges arise.

That’s where Davies Call Recording can help.

2.71x savings on compliance vs. non compliance.

Compliant and cost-savvy call storage

Preserve, secure, and centralize your customer call recordings for simple compliance – and cost reduction.

More than ever before, customer interactions are happening across a range of platforms. But voice and video contact continue to lead the way. But with a dispersed work environment, particularly since the pandemic, those calls are happening in new locations, and across multiple networks, collaboration platforms and devices.


Store it all safely in the cloud

Call Recording enables businesses to capture valuable voice and video data from any device, network, application, and location – and store it securely in the cloud.

With native integrations to Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco Webex, and more than 150 of the world’s service providers, you can guarantee compliant recording within a few clicks. So, businesses of all sizes can record calls for all users at all times – no hardware required. And with a global footprint, we can also take care of data sovereignty requirements, ensuring your data stays where it should.

Tackle compliance challenges head on

  • Unifies calls across multiple platforms while migrating existing legacy calls to the cloud for long-term preservation
  • Centralizes and controls access, while assisting regulatory compliance
  • Reduces costs through centralized storage and legacy system support
  • Helps extrapolate data, so every conversation can provide valuable business intelligence and automated compliance insights.

How it works

Simplified and unified call recording

  • With a few clicks, customer calls can be recorded to a centralized hub for simplified managed and enhanced compliance.
  • Legacy recordings can be consolidated into a single storage point, reducing overheads, and increasing accessibility.
  • Calls can be automatically purged on their expiry date, reducing storage demands while ensuring that compliance needs are met.

Watertight security

  • All call recordings are automatically encrypted, ensuring that only authorized personnel gain access to private customer data.
  • Cardholder data is redacted from recordings to guarantee enhanced customer security and full business compliance.

Compliance insights you can’t live without

  • With automated analysis of call content, including the transcription of unstructured data, you can find the information you need to flag and rectify procedural faults, and evidence to prove compliance.
  • Enriched metadata enables users to search, replay, and download calls, quickly and efficiently.
  • Davies Unified Call Recording allows users to tag recordings, add comments, and create playlists for reports, evidence, and team feedback.
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