Claims Staff Handles 40 Active Claims Driving Best Outcomes since 2018

  • 61% Reduction in Lag Time

  • 70% Increase in WC Claim Closure Rate

  • 49% Reduction in WC-MO Claims Duration

  • 32% Reduction in WC-LT Claims Duration

“Our claims team worked effortlessly to get all new and open claim files moving. Today, we continue to conduct quarterly claim review discussions with detailed plans of action designed to resolve claims. The communication between Givaudan and our
claims team has been excellent, and this has resulted in many positive claim outcomes.”

– Jeff Logsdon, Assistant Vice President Davies Claims Solutions


As a Swiss manufacturer of flavors, fragrances, and active cosmetic ingredients, Givaudan’s US operations can be found in many states, including but not limited to, New York, New Jersey, Kentucky, Illinois, and Florida. Today, we provide a staff of five (5) claim adjusters from three (3) regional claim offices to administer both medical only and lost time workers’ compensation claims administration services.

How We Helped:

Givaudan’s goal and objective were to obtain the highest quality TPA service possible for local operations and injured employees. One added feature that Givaudan preferred was the Davies “myHealthDoc,” a medical directive form that is immediately placed in the hands of the injured worker and serves as a “what’s next” tool for both the worker and medical provider.


Claims staff handles approximately 40 active claims for Givaudan Flavors Corporation. Since 2018, we have continually improved their workers’ compensation program while delivering best claim outcomes from lag time reduction to claims duration reductions. The first-year results of our multi-office administration service model can be compared with the prior last year results.

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