Our Staffing Model brings dedicated caseload team to Tennessee and Kentucky generating over 1,000 claims

  • 32% Improved Closing Ratio

  • 43% Reduction in Casualty Claims Duration; 115% Reduction in Property Claims Duration

  • 20% Reduction in Casualty Incurred

  • Reduction in P&C Claims Litigated Rate

“The key to delivering the value that Brit wanted in a claims partner was understanding their needs and expectations upfront. Doing so allowed us to offer a claims administration service model that not only met their needs but delivered a much more efficient and effective claims program.”

– Glenn Backus, Chief Business Development Officer


Brit Global Specialty USA provides property and casualty coverage to more than 250 member cities, towns, villages, boroughs, water-sewer utilities and more through its Package First Program. The Package First Program targets populations of 50,000 constituents and under, with exceptions up to 100,000.

How We Helped:

We provide public entity expertise with a dedicated claims staff of six who administer fast-track claims to complex litigated claims across a mix of governmental insureds. Brit Global Specialty USA sees more than 20 claim types annually, including, but not limited to all risk, AL, APD, GL, police liability, garage keepers, personal injury, E&O, crime, boiler and machinery and more. Since 2016, Brit continues to be an important client that trusts our service.


Brit Global Specialty USA generates more than 1,000 new P&C claims annually administered by one dedicated caseload team in Nashville, TN and Louisville, KY. Since 2016, they have continually grown their membership which has grown our staffing model from an initial four to six in 2020. The results of our multi-office dedicated unit service administration model can be compared with the prior two years of service to our first two years of service.

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