Digital Solution Slashes Claim Lifecycles in Half and Delivers Memorable Customer Experience

  • 95% of Policyholders Choose to Use


  • 33% Call-to-Claim Ratio Reduction

  • Claim Lifecycles Cut in Half

“We partner with Davies for claims handing on our Gadget & Irish Pet products utilizing their e-claim capability. E-claim creates real flexibility for our customers to be able to register and handle their claim and the results we are seeing through increased satisfaction and reduction in claim lifecycles are fantastic.” 

– Head of Pet Insurance Europe, global insurer


Claim handling can be a lengthy process. And with customer experience (CX) transforming so rapidly, customers’ appetite for digital solutions is only increasing. Add this to the continued challenge of managing more claims, at a reduced cost, with shortened claim lifecycles and fewer complaints – it’s crucial that our insurance industry invests in new technology.

Recognizing customers’ increased desire for digital claims experiences, we explored our own data using forensic root cause analysis to identify which claims classes would most benefit from technology investment. And we discovered that pet and travel claims were ripe for digitalization.

How We Helped:

Looking to create something innovative for the UK’s leading pet and travel insurers, we developed E-claim – a flexible, intuitive online solution where customers can report and fully manage their claim. E-claim has been built to deliver a wide range of benefits including simplifying the claim experience for both policyholders & vets, increasing operational efficiency, and minimizing the disruption associated to demand surge.

Features of E-claim:

  • Customers don’t need to download an app; the system is simply integrated on their insurers’ website, and they are routed seamlessly to E-claim
  • It can handle a range of insurance classes, including pet, travel, motor, gadget or home, the questions and information required change intuitively depending on the type of claim
  • It automates simple processes like registering a claim, chasing missing documents/excesses and lets our employees focus on other crucial tasks, such as policy and claim validation, identifying fraud and assisting customers who require additional support
  • E-claim is fully integrated with Davies’ core operating platforms, so any action taken by a customer automatically uploads into our existing systems to shorten claim lifecycles
  • Can be fully white labelled providing a seamless, branded claims experience for our clients
  • New steps and features can be introduced quickly and effectively without the need for lengthy IT development


Policyholders using E-claim are now enjoying the flexibility of being able to register and manage their claim when it’s most convenient for them. Automation removes waste demand associated with customer chases and failed contact creating the capacity for our teams to support vulnerable customers and those who require additional support. Utilizing E-claim is shortening customer response times and has reduced claim lifecycles, complaints, and significantly increased overall satisfaction scores. Since the launch of E-claim in November 2021 on for pet claims, we have introduced gadget, travel, contents, warranty, and ancillary claims. The customer take up has been fantastic with more than 95% of eligible customers using the system to report their claim. That’s more than 8,000 claims every single month.

Call-to-claim ratios have fallen by 33% since the introduction of E-claim from an average 1.5 calls per claim to 1.1 calls per claim. The claim lifecycle on pet claims has also reduced by 49% since the introduction of E-claim.

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