Delivering Excellent Workers’ Compensation and P&C Claim Programs Improved WC Claim Closure Rate

  • Reduction in WC Medical Only Claims Duration

  • Reduction in WC Lost Time Claims Duration

  • Reduction in Casualty Claims Duration

  • Reduction in Property Claims Duration

  • Improved WC Claim Closure Rate

  • Improved P&C Claim Closure Rate: 85% average P&C claims closure continues to close higher over a five-year period.

“The Pike County Board of Education has nearly two-thousand employees. Davies Claims Solutions provides without hesitation quality services to the PCBOE. Bill Bevins is a professional, knowledgeable claims adjuster. He is readily accessible and provides thorough assistance in each of the claims we have. I recommend Davies Claims Solutions for anyone considering a claims solutions provider.”

Randy Roberts, Personnel Director


The Pike County School District (PCS) is a rural eastern Kentucky K-12 school district serving 10,457 students attending 25 schools, making it the eighth largest school district in Kentucky. It serves the entire county except for the city of Pikeville, which has a separate district. PCS is home to elementary, middle, and high schools, day treatment centers, and a learning academy.  

School district insurance claims can be complex, time consuming, and difficult to understand. In fact, the expenses of a poorly handled insurance claim can be passed on to the district’s taxpayers. Davies has helped school superintendents navigate the most challenging insurance claims.   

How We Helped:

PCS engaged Davies and its senior multi-line claim adjusters to administer the district’s workers’ compensation, auto, and general liability claims. The district understood that it was essential for PCS to partner with a TPA that offered a local office with a proven relationship with other businesses in the area. 

It is important that PCS have someone in their corner who is qualified to perform a thorough assessment of damage or injury. The superintendent and school board of directors have a fiduciary duty to maintain and protect the properties of the district while at the same time managing the budget and finances of the district. This would include property damage insurance claims that should be covered by insurance. Otherwise, the repairs for these damages will come out of the budget for building maintenance, which is funded by taxpayer dollars. Taxpayer dollars should not be used to pay insurance premiums and pay for damages that should have been covered by the insurance afforded under that policy. It requires the experience and skill of a licensed claim professional to help protect this interest and thereby save the district from expending funds for repairs that should otherwise be covered and paid for by the insurance. 


Davies has administered approximately 125 active claims for PCS. Since 2003, we have continually improved their workers’ compensation and P&C claim programs while delivering exceptional claim outcomes.  

When a claim is denied or underpaid, it costs the district money and shifts money away from budgetary line items such as educational resources in lieu of building and maintenance. It could also cause the district to be forced to dip into their general fund balance. The bottom line is that the district has insurance for a reason and should not have to utilize other funding sources to pay for damages covered under their policy. 

From a consistent decrease in claims duration to increased claim closures for PCS, the results driven by Davies speak for themselves. 

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