7 October, 2021

Creating a personalised bank experience for Natwest’s Premier Banking customers 

7 October, 2021

Creating a personalised bank experience for Natwest’s Premier Banking customers 

Creating a personalised bank experience for Natwest’s Premier Banking customers 

Key results

  • Users can now find the right customers for the right reasons
  • Bank staff are now having more worthwhile conversations
  • Managers can now see what their teams are doing with greater clarity
  • Customer contact is more joined up


NatWest Group wanted to improve relationships with its high net worth customer base. There was need to create a more personalised service, allowing Relationship Managers to make more informed decisions. While structures needed to be put in place to improve the customer experience, enhance employee satisfaction, and engender efficiency savings.  

With an existing contact management system that limited filtering and prioritisation, and information stored in multiple unconnected systems, some customers were overlooked, while managers wasted time searching for information that should have been readily available.  

How we helped

Davies visited Natwest sites to assess the bank’s existing tools and processes, before conducting user workshops involving all front-line roles to confirm wider business objectives, as well as user requirements. Having built prototypes of the main screens and workflow, we held sessions with front-line users so they could tell us what would work – and what wouldn’t. A three-month pilot followed. With around 130 users in different roles, gathering real-world feedback for adjustment prior to full rollout.  

Having reviewed the existing tech infrastructure, the Davies team unified data from unconnected systems, creating a smoother workflow. This allows users to access the most up to date information, and see everything they need to know about a customer quickly and easily. Enhancing productivity and delivering faster response times for customers.  

The new system also allows users to create follow-up actions – giving other users visibility of what needs to happen next – set up proactive alerts, and view the customer’s contact history in detail. While managers can now see what their teams are doing with greater clarity, enabling them to identify those team members who may need a little more support. 


Relationship Managers now have exactly the tools they need to make the most of their customer contact – wherever and however it happens.  

Team members have become more engaged. There is a greater sense of ownership and happiness now the whole team has all the right tools they need to do their job well. And improved visibility means that team managers are better able to acknowledge a good job well done, as well as better support those who need it.   

More contacts are being made with the right customers, for the right reasons, at the right time. This means that more worthwhile conversations are being held, providing the bank with valuable insights. 

But most importantly, because of the level of information now being gathered and stored, customer experience has significantly improved. A personalised service is now guaranteed. Meaning that NatWest Group’s customers feel valued. Enhancing loyalty, and ultimately, long-term revenue for the bank. 

‘I would kill to get a system like this into other areas of the business.’ Head of Branch Banking, NatWest Group
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