Contact center and front office

Let automation handle mundane contact center and front-office tasks 

Contact center and front office

Let automation handle mundane contact center and front-office tasks 

So much contact center work is repetitive.

It’s essential but takes time. Limiting the customer experience and adding layers of administration for team members to deal with. Intelligent Automation can tackle this for you, managing laborious day-to-day processes which then frees up your employees to do bigger and better things at work.

“60% of customer service professionals say that most of their recommendations for the next best action are automated. “

There’s more to contact center automation than chatbots 

Intelligent Automation has more potential than most people imagine. Of course, chatbots have changed digital customer contact, but there are many other ways to use automation to support contact center advisers and enhance the customer experience.

We can help you implement:

  • AI-assisted search to find answers faster in existing knowledge bases
  • Interaction analytics to examine what the customer said and provide advisers with real-time prompts
  • Auto-population of customer data between various systems

Empowering employees

Work becomes tedious when you have to repeat tasks again and again. And lack of integration is often a common feature in contact center infrastructure. We can help connect your systems so that data only has to be entered once before being automatically processed across your infrastructure.

Compliance obligations

Our solutions can help regulated businesses with contact center compliance too, by:

  • Automating delivery of essential scripts

Whether pre-call or before payment is taken, the easy way to ensure that the proper scripts are delivered is by automating them.

  • Using speech analytics for compliance monitoring

We draw on the insights from analytics solutions to alert advisers and managers if crucial terms are missed.

  • Alerting advisers to potentially vulnerable customers

Again, we can interact with speech analytics solutions to flag to advisers if the customer’s words indicate they may be vulnerable – so the adviser can adapt.

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