Make virtual workers your sales team’s greatest ally


Make virtual workers your sales team’s greatest ally

Intelligent Automation has the power to provide your sales team with the additional support it needs to enhance productivity and deliver a more memorable customer service.  

“75% of companies use marketing automation software. “

Give your sales teams less admin and more selling time

Imagine what your sales team could achieve if each member had a dedicated personal assistant and researcher. All their leads would be provided. All commitments given prompts. All background information at their fingertips. All admin completed. Leaving your sales team to do what it does best: sell.

Together, this support will:

  • Get customers the information they want faster – increasing the likelihood of success
  • Free the sales team to spend less time on admin and more time interacting with customers
  • Maximize upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

And it’s not just about support during interactions. We’ll help you utilize Intelligent Automation to reach out to customers with timely, relevant offers based on your own analysis and data modelling.

Using data to achieve results  

Businesses devote an increasing amount of time to modelling customer behavior and predicting actions. But these insights aren’t always used in ‘live’ sales interactions. We’ve developed ways to put the generated insights to work by presenting cross-selling and upselling opportunities to advisers during sales interactions. These can be based upon:

  • The products the customer has chosen
  • What the customer has said – integrating speech analytics
  • Similar customers’ previous behavior
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