Finance & HR

Powering innovation within Finance and HR

Finance & HR

Powering innovation within Finance and HR

Finance and HR are home to some of the most critical yet repetitive tasks in any business.

A single-digit out of place following manual error can have enormous consequences. We have built tried and tested solutions to simplify and expedite the essential tasks that keep your business moving.

80% of companies say their digital transformation efforts involve multiple business units or the entire company.

Transforming cross-functional processes

Finance and HR processes often interrelate – and every time you cross-function, the process can hit a delay. Onboarding new colleagues is a perfect example, which can also take in facilities management and IT. We have an onboarding solution that can accelerate the process:

  • A new employee record is generated by HR – and the virtual workers take over.
  • The finance team is sent all the information needed to add the new employee to the payroll. An IT user account is automatically created, and a laptop is requested. Security passes are provided by facilities.
  • Instead of taking days, with multiple approvals and every sequential stage a potential bottleneck, it’s completed in minutes.

Save big on time and cost

We helped one professional services organisation with its cash reconciliation, saving it $2 million – and freeing up 12 full-time employees to focus on more complex tasks. Because the reconciliation takes place every day, the finance team can immediately identify and act on any anomalies. That benefits the company’s bottom line and saves time and effort for suppliers, who don’t have to chase up delayed payments or errors.

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