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Life & Health Actuarial Solutions

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We work with insurance companies and risk-bearing entities to understand the potential financial and operational impacts of risk to drive success and profitability. We deliver these insights through customized actuarial and risk management consulting services centered around specific niche expertise and personalized attention. Davies actuarial specialists have extensive experience in a range of life and health product lines. Our solutions are rooted in actuarial domain expertise with a focus on robust analysis. Rather than simply perform a service, we embed ourselves in our clients’ organizations to develop customized solutions.

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Life & Health Actuarial Consulting

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Valuation & Financial Reporting

Davies’ Actuarial solutions offer an independent and complete actuarial opinion for Boards of Directors and Departments of Insurance. This service includes auditable, comprehensive work papers for financial statements, and timely reporting of reserve numbers of established reporting schedules. We provide clear and concise work papers that are easy to audit and accurate, timely reporting of reserve numbers on your desired reporting schedule, annual statement exhibit, specialized Medicare supplement, or LTC experience exhibit preparation assistance, gross premium valuations, and a variety of other services.

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Actuarial Modeling

We provide our clients with a clear vision of how their product pricing, experience analysis, and financial projects can be used to drive decisions, report to regulators, or simply understand company performance. We have specialists in a wide range of life and health product lines that require actuarial modeling, ranging from projections of new businesses for initial rate development to complicated testing on an entire company’s reserves, using cash flow testing of assets and liabilities. We leverage custom reporting tools, that not only help present financial projects in a format that captures key financial measures, but are also easily interpreted.

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Experience Analysis

We can help you break down siloes and improve accessibility by compiling your data into a single source of truth. Once we have a reliable set of raw data, we can prepare customized or pre-packaged reports to track company experience and trends. We also develop detailed experience studies to evaluate the longer-term performance of your company’s mortality, morbidity, lapse, or other measures. We provide loss ratio reporting and claim cost studies, mortality studies, lapse studies, claim termination and runoff studies, distribution of sales for underwriting, and tracking of key metrics.

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Rate Increases

Many companies can benefit from outside assistance with their rate increase filings. Whether it’s overflow work that needs to be filed more quickly, or optimizing the amount of increase to maintain your fair share of profits, we have performed thousands of rate filings for many different companies and product lines. Our years of experience and interaction with insurance departments allows us to provide valuable insight and results for your blocks of business. Our experience in rate increase filings includes long-term, Medicare supplement, supplement health, long-term care rate increases, annual rate certifications, accident and health, and more.

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Pricing & Product Development

We offer a high level of expertise in providing state actuarial memorandums and supporting documentation required to get your product approved. We can also assist with obtaining reinsurance, third-party administration, and sales distribution opportunities. Our expert pricing and product development team can provide services for many product lines, including Individual and Group products for both Life & Heath and Accident & Health.

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Commission Valuations

We support agents, insurance companies, banks, and investors in making sense of the financial value of renewal commission streams. Davies works directly with product lines in the life and health market (e.g., Senior Market, Supplemental Health, and Life Insurance). Our specialists determine value for companies that purchase blocks for investment purposes, provide seriatim monthly or annual projections, develop independent certifications for investors, banks or creditors, assist agents with valuations needed to obtain credit from banks or to sell renewals entirely, and assemble formal reports and detailed documentation or experience studies for larger block valuation projects.

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Comprehensive Product Line Support

Our offerings go well beyond the scope of typical actuarial consulting, including reinsurance, audits, TPA, marketing and sales, and legal proceedings. Our reinsurance services include reinsurance modeling, finding and obtaining reinsurance, coinsurance, and modified coinsurance, or yearly renewable term (YRT) analysis. We can assist with auditing insurance company processes for state insurance departments, insurance companies (internal audits), and external audit companies. We also liaise with third party administrators, a company’s marketing and sales departments, and can assist legal firms, in-house counsel, or regulators with issues related to ongoing litigation.

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Employee Benefits, Brokers, TPAs

Our consultants have extensive experience assisting with the financial management of self-insured or captive-insured group medical insurance programs by providing actuarial consulting focused on pricing, reserving, and developing employee contribution strategies. We provide feasibility studies for new group medical programs, perform long-term disability reserve valuations for these employee benefit offerings, and analyze the financial impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) for using customized actuarial models. We provide these services directly to employer groups and those that support these groups like brokers and TPAs. For more information our services, please contact Michael Berman (contact info shown below).

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Product Development & Compliance

We have a team of experienced insurance product development, product management, and regulatory compliance experts ready to handle your country-wide filing needs, expand your programs into new states, coordinate your annual rate filings, and more. We are insurance specialists who work with your team to ensure that your insurance products meet your business objectives.

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Key Contacts

Dave Valenzano

President Actuarial, Audit, and Consulting

Ben Cohen

Head of L&H Actuarial Solutions

Michael Berman

Director, Actuarial Solutions