Audit Solutions

Implementing customized audit solutions.

Auditing Services Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Our expert team of tenured auditors provide you with a range of auditing services across the accident and health and property and casualty markets.

Davies specializes in accident and health audits to risk-bearing entities, such as employer group’s self-funded health plans, third-party administrators (TPAs), managed care organizations, MGUs, carriers, and reinsurers. Davies is known for delivering exceptional quality, extensive industry insight and knowledge, focused and precise risk assessment, and detailed audit reporting.

Our specialty areas of focus in the property and casualty market are coverholder and TPA and delegated claims administrator audits conducted as extensions of our clients’ brands (or on behalf of our London and Lloyd’s market-based clients). We provide the expertise and resources to accurately assess delegated underwriters’ compliance with the terms and conditions of the binding authority agreements they manage on our clients’ behalf.

Audit Solutions

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Property & Casualty Audit Solutions

We offer a variety of customizable property and casualty audit and TPA services, including coverholder audits, governmental entity audits, TPA audits, workers’ compensation audits, and reinsurance audits. With our combined knowledge, expertise, and specialists, we deliver prompt and accurate audits for every valued client.

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Accident & Health Audit Solutions

Our accident and health auditing services are designed to strengthen the audit subject as well as the risk relationship between the audit subject and the risk-bearer. Each audit is performed by expert auditors who have an average of 35 years of experience in the industry. We begin audits with an individualized audit plan customized to meet your specific auditing objectives and preferences to meet your organizational goals.

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Davies audit solutions also include comprehensive support for the following areas:

  • Managing General Agency Audits
  • Financial Audits
  • Underwriting Audits
  • Fee Audits
  • Pre-Coverholder Audits
  • Earthquake Integrity Review
Audit Solutions

Key Contacts

Dave Valenzano

President Actuarial, Audit, and Consulting

Susan Arsenault

Senior Vice President

Katie Dontsos

Director and Audit Coordinator (P&C Audit solutions Canada)

Jennifer Lambert

Audit Manager (P&C Audit solutions Florida)