Davies partners with Truepic to automate and digitize residential inspections as customer demand for self-service insurance products continues to rise

April 16th 2024

16 April 2024. United States of America: Davies, the leading specialist professional services and technology business serving insurance, financial services and highly regulated markets, today announced it is partnering with Truepic to perform virtual automated risk inspections for residential property claims.

The image authentication platform, Vision, developed by photo authentication technology firm, Truepic, will allow adjusters to review inspection results online and in real-time, to make faster underwriting decisions, and without transportation emissions associated with in-person inspections.

The roll out comes at a time when insurers are seeing increased demand by consumers for self-service, digital insurance products. Davies’ insurer clients will be able to offer customers the freedom to arrange residential property inspections digitally if they choose to. Customers will be able to self-survey by uploading photos and videos using their smartphone, rather than scheduling an in-person inspection.

As Jose Bridges, President, Risk Services, Davies, explains: “Reducing the number of in-person inspections means that we’re able to provide faster decisions and reduce emissions and the environmental impact of associated travel.

“This comes at a time when we are seeing customers be more tech-savvy and more engaged in self-service solutions. From choosing self-checkouts to kiosk ordering at fast food restaurants, the trend we are seeing is that consumers want to see this same level of service from their insurance providers. By partnering with Truepic, we’re able to offer this technology to customers who want it.”

With Vision, customers will receive an inspection request link allowing them to upload photos and videos using their smartphone. The platform then instantly authenticates the data, verifies the results and provides insights to allow for an accurate underwriting decision to be made.

The Vision platform is powered by Truepic’s patented secure provenance technology which ensures the authenticity of the image and relevant metadata (time, date, and location) at the point of capture, meaning common elements of fraud can be quickly detected. Data uploaded to the platform undergoes 35 authenticity tests to verify submissions as accurate, original and taken at the expected location. Plus, serial numbers of appliances can be tracked to identify appliances brand, model, lifespan and even repair or replacement likelihood.

Craig Stack, Founder and President of Truepic said: “By integrating Truepic Vision into their inspection process, Davies is able to improve customer experience and drive down costs while lessening environmental impact.”


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