Long-Term Care Insurance Administration

Deep product line knowledge and risk management expertise.

Long-Term Care Claims Professional Services

Helping to Meet Your Business Goals

Our long-term care administrative services are designed to help you to meet your business goals. Whether you are considering full or partial outsourcing, or contemplating an LTC rate increase, we will work with you to meet your objectives.

Our single platform proprietary technology and project management experience ensure a smooth transition and exceptional customer service for both you and your policyholders. Our collaborative onboarding approach helps us to better understand your risk tolerance and to create custom claim guidelines. We are also able to support unique policy features through our automated claims platform.

Our claims managers have numerous resources at their disposal including functional, cognitive, and medical profiles, multi-focal assessments, Plan of Care (POC) guidelines, a claim review committee, established benchmarks for recovery and POC management, a medical director, actuarial resources, and SIU. Our “hub and spoke” model integrates best-of-breed vendors for managing claims, including assessments, aging in place initiatives, wellness, and EVV. Throughout, we focus on the customer experience, including support from our Policyholder Portal.

Disability Managment Insurance Claims Professional

LTC Rate Increase Solutions

Our long-term care claims professionals are well versed in handling rate increases and utilize our proprietary rate increase engine key for fast and high-quality delivery. We have implemented all types of approaches including landing spot and cash offers. We have the proven ability to administer an “in-flight” rate increase during the conversion of a block to our platform. With our process, rate increases are typically implemented within two weeks of receiving state approval.

LTC Rate Increase Solutions