Disability Insurance Administration

Deep product line knowledge and risk management expertise.

Disability Managment

An Expert Team of Disability Management Professionals

Our experienced and professional staff deliver individual and group disability insurance management services for insurers, reinsurers, employers, and municipalities that are tailored to meet the unique product, customer, and reporting needs of each client.

We understand that decisions concerning disability claims are rarely clear cut. Therefore, we gather the facts and objectively evaluate each claim while recognizing that these scenarios can evolve and change throughout the claim process. With our effective integration of specialized resources and proprietary client server technology we ensure accuracy, enhance communication, and promote operating efficiency from start to finish.

We use an activity-based claim objectification approach to assess initial and ongoing benefit eligibility. We often work with clinical experts, forensic accountants, and legal advisers to get a clear understanding of each claim. In addition, we have access to medical examination providers and functional capacity evaluation professionals to help in assessing impairment level and the resulting impact on the claimant’s capacity to work. Our thorough process ensures that new claims are assessed fairly, and active claims are managed correctly. Our strong commitment to training and compliance is integral to our disability claims management approach.

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Employer Services

The effect of employees’ disabilities on employers goes well beyond the direct cost of benefits. Disabilities in the workplace can impact productivity, healthcare costs, and revenue. By embracing a best-practice disability management model, employers can enhance workforce productivity and reduce healthcare costs.

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