The Insurance Industry Conundrum

The Insurance Industry Conundrum

The Insurance Industry Conundrum

How to transform customer contact from a cost-centre to a profit-centre

Insurance providers have always been big users of contact centres – they have more of them than most industry sectors and they tend to be more heavily staffed. That’s because the products and services they offer still require human interaction in order to provide a satisfactory customer outcome to issues that are complex or involve transactions that require empathy.

Whether based in the UK or off-shore, contact centres represent a significant investment in human capital. The temptation for the ‘C-suite’ is to view this as an operational cost centre (to be trimmed) rather than a strategic asset (to be invested in).

At a time of heightened competition and the emergence of challenger and disruptor brands there has never been a more pressing need for leaders in Insurance Operations to demonstrate the value of the contact centre in building strong customer relationships that encourage retention, stimulate advocacy and generate demonstrable value.

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