Complaint mediation outsource service for a major Ombudsman services provider

Cynergie has been a strategic outsource partner for a leading Ombudsman services organisation for over 9 years now, covering 2 major regulated industry sectors

We provide a full end-to-end complaint investigation/mediation service and close over 25,000 complaints per year within this operation

Cynergie’s unique operating model comprises a hybrid of office based (Birmingham & Peterborough) and home-based workers, for which we have developed a highly successful management model – we have over 80 staff involved within this operation

In addition to resolving complaints we deliver our own training, accreditation, QA and staff management based upon the considerable expertise we have developed over the years. Our client operates a ‘light touch’ assurance governance due to the significant trust they have in us

Cynergie provides a flexible operating model with most staff cross-trained across multiple regulated industry sectors, which enables capacity flex to suit client needs

The service has been delivered to a very high standard, and Cynergie has always met all quality, production and SLA standards required by the client. They rely on us.