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Powering accurate, informed decision-making around property risk with innovative technology.

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The Insights You Need to Manage Property Risk

Our property and casualty insurance inspections provide a range of tech-enabled residential and commercial inspections that support clients to make accurate and informed underwriting decisions. We specialize in residential and light commercial inspections, self-inspections, telephone audits and drone roof inspections, and have a nationwide network of more than 1,000+ field inspectors. Our risk and inspection services are grounded in the ideals of hard work and integrity. We offer a fast turnaround time as well as personalized service through dedicated customer support backed by a team of trained professionals.

Innovative Technology Solutions

As a compliment to the more traditional risk and inspection services that we provide, our professionals also combine computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence for more precise and near-instant analysis of industrial, commercial, and residential properties. Using drones helps us to improve the claims adjudication experience for all parties.

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Our Services at a Glance

Residential Inspection

Our residential inspections are conducted with the highest level of care, ensuring the process is thorough, detailed, and on time.

At Davies, our inspectors take exterior photographs on-site to document any adverse property conditions that may present a risk of loss, validate property characteristics such as the address, construction type, number of stories, roof shape, and any other key elements. These services include assessing the following:

  • Occupancy
  • Construction
  • Roof
  • Location
  • Proximity to water
  • Protection
  • General condition
  • Scoring of negative hazards

Commercial Inspection

We understand the diverse nature of commercial properties dictates the need for highly-specialized inspections and the expertise of multiple inspectors. Therefore, we prioritize personalized training and specialized knowledge for our team of field professionals.

Our commercial inspection service line includes:

  • Exterior photo
  • Package (multi-peril)
  • Property
  • Liability
  • Commercial habitation
  • Premium audits
  • Virtual audits

Customizable Workers’ Comp Inspections

We offer customized and comprehensive risk management solutions for any size or type of organization, backed by experienced and dedicated staff with over 1,000 years combined experience.

We are well versed in specific workplace risk control guidance to meet compliance standard needs.

We also develop:

  • Safety programs
  • Safety procedures
  • Formal written safety manuals

Technology-Driven Inspections

Designed with the needs of underwriters in mind, our proprietary technology. supports the entire inspection cycle from order creation to customer deliver.

Some of our tech include:

  • Self-inspection tech,
  • Client portal

Risk Services Consulting

Our risk control consultants throughout North America offer comprehensive services to enhance safety, health, productivity, and profitability.

Our risk consulting services include:

  • Project-based service
  • Online materials

Training Services

We offer a robust curriculum of online training courses, presentations, and continuing education. This training is provided at no additional cost to our client partners.

Key Contacts

Jose Bridges

President Risk services

Ron Uline

Head of Risk and Inspection