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Qualification Revision Workshops

Whether your people are studying as part of an apprenticeship programme with us or not, we offer a range of supportive workshops to help with the preparation for qualification exams and assessments.


We offer the following workshops:

  • LM1-3 London Insurance Market Principles & Practices

    LM1 – This unit provides an essential grounding in the workings of the London insurance market and is ideal for anyone starting their career in this area. It can serve as a standalone learning programme for anyone in a support function such as HR or finance, or it can be the first stage of a more in-depth learning pathway for those employed in a more technical role.

    LM2 – This unit builds on the learning provided by the essentials unit, covering additional subject areas and developing a broader understanding of insurance process and practice across the London market. With additional detail on technical topics such as reinsurance, intermediation and claims and underwriting, this unit is well suited to anyone in a technical role such as broking, underwriting or claims.

    LM3 – Building on previous knowledge and understanding gained from completion of units LM1 and 

    LM2, unit LM3 also considers the implications of policy wording in practice, and the importance of business planning and capital setting in the London Market.

  • IF1 - Insurance, legal and regulatory

    This unit provides you with knowledge and understanding of the basic principles of insurance, including the main legal principles related to insurance contracts and insurance business and the key elements to protect consumers. We look at the concept of risk, the different types of risk and how insurance acts as a risk transfer mechanism.

  • I10 – Insurance Broking Fundamentals

    The objective of this unit is to develop introductory knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of insurance broking practice.

  • M05 – Insurance Law

    Insurance Law provides candidates with an insight into the laws which underpin the operations of insurance. It is about enabling candidates to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of the laws which form the background to the operation of insurance, the system within which these laws operate and are administered and apply knowledge and skills to practical situations.

  • M92 – Insurance Business & Finance

    The objective of this unit is to develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamental principles and practices of Insurance business and finance practice.

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