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Women in Leadership Programme

The women in leadership programme allows organisations to focus on the strengths of having women’s voices at every level. Learners build their confidence and grasp an opportunity to become an inspirational leader without compromise, whilst building accredited leadership skills through the CMI programme.

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Who is it for?

The British government stated in 2019 that half of all FTSE 100 executive-level appointments in 2020 must be women to achieve a target of 33% female representation across boards in the index. Leaders and aspiring leaders who identify as female and want to make a difference for their business and their career.

Level 3 & 5 learners attend the following events:

  • Women in leadership launch event
  • North star leadership
  • Barriers, beliefs and beyond
  • Networking & influence



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Aspiring & new leaders (level 3 learners) complete:

  • Principles of leadership& management CMI1
  • Improving team performance
  • Networking & influence

Experienced & senior leaders (level 5 learners) complete:

  • CMI L5: Principles of leadership practice
  • CMI L5: Managing stakeholder relationships
  • CMI L5: Managing change
  • CMI L5: Creating and delivering operational plans
  • CMI L5: Managing finance
  • CMI L5: Conducting a management project

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