Digital Experiences

We create engaging digital experiences, covering needs for customisable frameworks, fully bespoke solutions, or anything in between. Using innovative technology and techniques we design our solutions with the learner at the heart.

Our creative digital learning teams are experts at turning the more mundane of content into engaging learning experiences with measurable impact, improving both personal and business performance. Everything we do, from interactive games to infographics is created with these three fundamentals:


It feels and looks fresh


It keeps the learners` attention


Simplifying the complicated

We collaborate with our clients to develop standalone solutions or blend them seamlessly within facilitated workshops or programmes to create a perfectly formed learning experience.

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System Changes

We build engaging solutions using a blend of exercises, scenarios, walkthroughs and knowledge checks.


A successful onboarding programme is key to ensure that new starters hit the floor running and embed key values straight away.

Wellbeing & Diversity

We offer a range of experiences to give people the tools and knowledge to help themselves or others.


We create bitesize & digestible content for regulatory needs.

Soft Skills

We create immersive interactive scenarios to upskill frontline team members.

Leadership & Coaching

We offer a variety of digital solutions to help leaders thrive.

Innovative eLearning

We have more than 20 years experience in designing award winning, innovative eLearning for clients globally.

We help our clients enhance existing content and create new solutions by using our expertise, skills, tools, and technology to bring their learning to life, in a fresh and engaging way. Knowledge, skills and behaviour learning points are easily absorbed through our clear and concise content that deeply resonates with the learner. Linking the experience back to a performance gap is a big part of our DNA.

All our solutions work seamlessly across every platform and device ensuring every learner has access.

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Engaging animations and videos

Mobile video consumption has risen year on year, and with technology playing an increasing role in our everyday life, the demand for animations and videos has grown within learning too.

It’s one of our most effective elements of digital learning and helps condense complex topics into simple and easily digestible chunks. We create animations and explainer videos as well as use interactive dramatised scenarios, either as an independent solution or as part of a wider learning experience.

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Vibrant infographics and interactive resources

Infographics or interactive resources such as iPDFs are brilliant tools to communicate vital information quickly, at pace and incredibly effectively.

We create rich, high quality visuals that ensure effective engagement with the learner. Our client’s brand and tone of voice are always at the forefront, and we use a blend of our expert learning experience skills and our experienced graphic design attributes to deliver effective visuals. Our resources are accessible from all devices and platforms, without any need for a learning platform to host them on.

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Simple, effective system simulations

New systems & processes can be a daunting prospect for many people and is often challenging  to learn. It’s crucial that businesses get  implementation right and not only show employees how it works but also explain why the change is happening and what the benefits are to get people on board and feeling positive about the change.

We create fully immersive, yet simple simulations, allowing learners to get hands on with their new systems and quickly learn how to use the technology or become confident with their new process, in a safe learning environment.

System simulations are an amazing learning solution for most businesses, and especially if they do not have a trial platform for employees to use.

All our solutions can be perfectly delivered...

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