Kuarterback – Combatting OIC portal challenges with automation


11:00AM BST 5 August 2021

Webinar overview & agenda

Combatting the challenges of the Official Injury Claim (OIC) portal with artificial intelligence: watch a demonstration of how our pioneering automated claims solution operationalises the management of multiple portals, streamlines processes and implements protocols to achieve settlements £200 lower than market average.

In this webinar, we’ll discover how our latest claims automation system, Kuarterback is safeguarding clients by integrating, at an application to application level with the OIC portal, streamlining the process of ingesting claims to allow technical resources to focus on the key areas of risk.

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We’ll be exploring

•   How Kuarterback reads claims documentation and extracts relevant data

•   Enhancements that has made Kuarterback integrated into the OIC Portal

•   How the system can empower technical resources to apply and automate injury protocol rules on an individual claimant solicitor basis

•   Examples of financial & operational results including enhanced data insights and indemnity savings through automated KYO and rehab strategies

• The crucial role of people adding human value where it is needed in the customer journey

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