Services and digital solutions

Customer experience, complaints handling, and compliance & risk

Our Customer Solutions business delivers specialist professional services and digital solutions across customer experience (“CX”), complaints handling, and compliance & risk.

We provide a wide range of CX focussed consultancy led service, which, when deployed end-to end, include a number of SaaS products and analytical methods which lead to true
business insights.

With many hundreds of thousands of customers providingfeedback via our ServiceTick products we can ‘listen’ and most importantly help our clients act on customer or employee feedback.

Our Ember consultants assist clients with the provision of insight, operating model review, transformation support and importantly today with specialist digital readiness capability.

With specialist implementation skills in robotics process automation, telephony or chatbot/AI we can support clients across multiple sectors with digital transformation.

Our products are designed to support a wide range of compliance, risk and CX needs in today’s rapidly changing sales and service marketplace, allowing our clients to extract maximum value from all their customer interactions and therefore to make their brand all it can be.