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Customer Solutions Team

Customer Solutions Team

Mark Grocott

CEO – Customer Solutions & Chief Digital Officer

Mark is Davies’ Chief Digital Officer and is responsible for driving the digital transformation of Davies operations and for our clients.  He leads our digital and technology vision and strategy, promoting disruption and innovation. In addition Mark runs Davies’ property claims operations.

Mark joined Davies in 2001 after a career in Insurance Broking and Financial Services. He has more than 20 years’ experience in the insurance & claims sector.

M. +44 7834 258474
E. mark.grocott@davies-group.com

Jason Wolfe

Managing Director – ServiceTick

Jason joined the Davies Group in October of 2017, following the acquisition of ServiceTick. He has extensive experience of managing digital and innovation teams, primarily within financial services (notably Aviva), and is now the Managing Director of the ServiceTick business, helping clients gather, analyse and act on customer feedback.

M. +44 7943 862195
E. Jason.wolfe@servicetick.com