Finding Your North Star

18th June 2021

The Route to Your Optimum Operating Model – and beyond 

Introducing the North Star: Why organisations need one, and how to find yours.  

The chances are, your business is planning for change – change that will help you do more, do better and do it without risk to the organisation or its customers. If you’re looking to develop a new target operating model, first you need to define the target. Davies’ approach helps you crystallise the goal, and then reshape your organisation to achieve it.

More and more organisations are striving to evolve toward a target operating model – a business structure and way of working that will help them realise their strategy for succeeding in the digital world. Whether their priority is growth or margin, new services or simply a more effective way to deliver existing ones, it’s a logical approach. Defining a target operating model can (and should) drive and inform every decision about deployment, or redeployment, of the organisation’s resources and about investment in new channels or technologies.

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