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Adding new channels or extending self-service? Moving into new markets or territories? Reprioritising contact handling around customer value? Or introducing new processes for ensuring compliance?

Changes of this kind can often disrupt the CX – even when they’re intended to improve it. Teams find themselves unprepared for changing contact patterns. Instead of taking cost out or reducing call volumes, you end up with the reverse, at least in the short term.

That’s why we always recommend reviewing your operating model before implementing strategic change. Our experts will work with you to provide a realistic assessment of the likely impact of the change.

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How we help

Whether you need to improve performance, respond to regulatory changes or need advice on the right CX strategy for your business, our experienced team of experts can deliver.

We help our clients answer critical questions across a range of complex markets and develop and execute plans that delivers sustainable value. With proven toolkits our passionate teams we create actionable plans that create value that works for you and your customers – Davies can help you to assess, benchmark and deliver rapid change, taking your customer experience to market-leading level.

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