Using analytics to transform contact centre performance at Autoglass

  • £330k

    Input led to an ROI of £330k within 6 months

  • 18%

    “Red” scores on compliance issues were cut by 18%

We conducted on-site analysis at the Autoglass HQ in Bedford, UK. From call listening plus focus groups with all levels of staff, we identified several areas of opportunity.

Input led to an ROI of £330k within 6 months


Autoglass was aware some areas of its contact centre operation that were underperforming. It invited Davies Consulting to analyse the operation and then devise training to improve the situation. We identified some key opportunities for improvement, including a new quality framework, and trained 200 advisers over two days. Compliance risks were cut by 18%, customer self-service increased by 22% and the total return on investment within six months was calculated at £330,000.


With its contact centre the front line for customer engagement, Autoglass is committed to optimising advisor performance. It invited us to analyse its calls, systems and processes – and to talk to staff – to find out what it could do better. In particular, Autoglass wanted to examine why average handle time had crept up by over 90 seconds and to explore how it could improve the conversion rate of customer quotes.

From the outset, it was anticipated that the analysis would lead to a training programme for advisors and managers, with the fundamental objectives of improving customer satisfaction and compliance.

Our approach

We conducted on-site analysis at the Autoglass HQ in Bedford, UK. From call listening plus focus groups with all levels of staff, we identified several areas of opportunity.

Firstly, there was an opportunity to increase sales conversion, simply by peer learning: some front-line advisors were more confident at closing sales than others. Secondly, there was an opportunity to personalise the customer experience and connect with the ‘distress purchase’ of glass repair or replacement – which would benefit customer experience and support conversion. Thirdly, by simplifying standard in-call processes and introducing some tweaks to the call flow, the call handling time could be reduced, simplifying the customer experience without any loss of rapport or missed sales: in fact, these later proved to help reduce repeat calls. Finally, above all else it was also important to ensure all advisors were clear and consistent in their approach to remaining compliant.

Building on this insight, we overhauled the company’s Quality Framework to create a simple new structure but also detailed guidelines as to ‘what good looks like’. This was themed “The Cube” as it had 6 key component parts:

  • Compliance
  • Conversion
  • Control (Efficiency and AHT)
  • Customer (CSAT/CES/NPS)
  • Advisor
  • Team Leader

With the new framework in place, we then trained almost 200 advisors in how to deliver a ‘gold’ standard service. We developed and delivered a two-day interactive skills workshop which received outstanding feedback. We also trained managers in how to use the new Framework, looking at how to coach their team and support them to use their new skills. This was also a two-day workshop with a further day of follow-up.

With the core training completed, we handed the task (and all materials) over to an internal training team with a phased side-by-side delivery mechanism. We also produced three modules of e-learning to assist with follow-up and retention of learning

Return on investment

The benefits of the training were immediately apparent. “Red” scores on compliance issues were cut by 18% and accuracy of email address capture increased. Having encouraged advisors to mention the online self-service portal to customers, portal use rose by 22% – which also reduced the number of calls the contact centre had to manage around each case. Repeat calls were further reduced by improved product ID questioning.

The benefits were tangible, as Sven Hill, Head of Planning and Insight at Autoglass confirmed: “We invested £80,000 in this training and within six months had a return on investment of £330,000.”

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