Using analytics for a world-class customer service recovery


Every business knows that a poor customer experience (CX) can result in churn. The challenge is to intervene fast, before the customer takes their business elsewhere. Davies Consulting used analytics to help this client identify where the CX had been poor – so the service team could take rapid action. The impact was impressive.


Our client was acutely aware that occasional poor service was damaging its customer retention. It wanted to rethink its approach to service recovery, to find ways to keep customers after a negative experience.

Our approach

We used our omnichannel analytics approach to identify customers who have had a poor customer service interaction or were identified as a retention risk, based on their language.

We worked with our client to identify the specific customer language that indicated dissatisfaction or possible churn. We then configured the analytics platform to identify any such language used, whether in NPS surveys, across the client’s social media channels and within the contact centre interactions themselves.

Where the system identified such language, this  would trigger a service recovery alert. The client would then contact the customer directly to address the issue. Once contact was made, a follow up survey was sent to the customer to measure the impact the intervention had on the customer experience.

Return on investment

The approach has paid huge dividends in terms of retention levels. Further, we were able to demonstrate to the client that the quicker they reached out to the customer after a poor experience, the better the outcome. For example, when the customer was contacted within three hours of a negative interaction, the bounce-back in NPS terms was the strongest, moving from -59 NPS in the original interaction to +31 NPS post recovery; a +90 point NPS swing.

However, even contacting the customer a week after a negative interaction offered significant benefits, in this case a NPS swing of +62 points.

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