Simba ‘Sales Through Webchat’ Programme

  • Evaluation of customer communication

”We very much appreciate all the support you and your team have given us, it gets us so much closer to what we were trying to do!” 


Simba is one of the fastest-growing mattress companies, as featured in The Times Top 100 Startups. The organisation enlisted the help of Davies for consultancy, analytics and technology advice to establish its operation and position for growth, as well as Human Resource and Learning & Development support. 

Our Approach  

A number of projects have been completed over the past year with the London based client, beginning with an evaluation of customer communication, which is largely done via digital channels, primarily Live Chat. 

The needs analysis work showed a high usage of sales phrases, but that the effectiveness of the phrases could be improved and that all chats could be more conversational in tone – e.g. asking individual customer questions and tailoring the responses. A ‘Sales through Service’ chat programme was designed and delivered that was supported by an overhauled Quality Framework. 

”We very much appreciate all the support you and your team have given us, it gets us so much closer to what we were trying to do!” Lewis Daniel, Director of Customer & People 

Return on Investment  

The success of the programme was evident immediately, in particular with a decrease in the number of unnecessary discounts being given to assist with closing the sale. 

Delegates commented that they felt ‘clearer’ and ‘more confident’ in the style of conversation to use. 

Chat was also used to handle post-sales customer service as there are a large number of delivery queries and support queries in relation to known challenges such as smell, firmness and the 100-night guarantee. Advisors were trained to handle these positively and professionally, using a blend of short ‘canned’ responses and personalised text to create maximum efficiency whilst still retaining customer satisfaction. 

Davies also delivered training for the managers of Advisors to embed the Chat Skills effectively using improved Quality Coaching. 

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