Procurement of a New Solution to Integrate a Charity’s IT Systems

  • Development of RFI and RFP

  • Accelerated procurement process

With a network of hundreds of staff and thousands of volunteers, The Samaritans had a major training requirement. However, its Learning Management System was no longer reliable. The Head of L&D knew the core capabilities required but wanted expert support for the procurement of a new solution that would meet staff and volunteer needs as well as integrating with the charity’s IT systems.

Our Approach

We started a series of workshops with both staff and volunteers to understand what they wanted and needed from a new system. We then compiled into a list of realistic user requirements that would be incorporated into the tender process. These included a need for content to be accessible on any device so volunteers could view it on their PCs, tablets or smartphones.

Simultaneously, we worked with the project manager looking after the charity’s wider transformation activities to understand the integration challenge. We then translated into technical requirements.

With the scope defined, we then helped The Samaritans produce a comprehensive RFI that encompassed all of the technical and user requirements. We compiled a list of twelve LMS providers whose solutions appeared to meet these requirements; all were contacted for an RFI, and we worked with the procurement team to review this, reducing the shortlist down to four preferred suppliers.

We then helped develop the RFP documentation, which secured timely responses from the shortlisted suppliers. The final decision was left in the hands of The Samaritans team.

Return on Investment

Thanks to our input, the procurement process was conducted far faster than if the charity had been working alone. We were able to cut through the supplier dialogue and explain to The Samaritans in simple terms the capabilities of the different solutions available. The RFI and RFP, meanwhile, were written in language prospective suppliers recognized so ensured appropriate responses and realistic costs.

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