Process Automation Assessment for an NHS Organisation

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    Streamlining opportunities identified in just 2 weeks

“Davies’ input surpassed our expectations. They provided us with robust recommendations incredibly quickly, and we’re now implementing the first of the proposed changes. We’re looking forward to the impact that will have on our workload.” 

Creating clear and engaging communications to drive self-service. 


HBL ICT is a Shared Service ICT provider who supports NHS Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Luton clinical and administrative staff with their delivery of health care (GPs, community & mental health staff). HBL ICT resources were stretched, due to high contact volumes. This resulted in long response times for customers and had an impact on the wider business, as the customers weren’t enabled to utilise IT systems effectively. 

The IT Service Desk had manual processes in place to complete everyday tasks, related to serving the customers (such as account and device setup etc). They were looking for support in identifying candidates for automation within their organisation, which could free up their ICT staff to focus on more value-adding activities.  

Our Approach 

HBL ICT invited Davies to conduct a Process Automation Assessment  – a rapid analysis of opportunities to introduce automation. The assessment includes quantification of those opportunities, helping build a business case for investment. 

Return on Investment 

Davies was able to identify opportunities to streamline some of the client’s processes in just 2 weeks. During the assessment, it was found that automating certain processes would free up 15% more time of their full-time employees. These processes were related to user account management and mobile phone provisioning and synchronisation. 

In addition, Davies identified opportunities to improve communications, so that HBL ICT’s customers would be more likely to resolve issues without requiring ICT support – the key here was to create clear and engaging communications that drive self-service. 

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Chris Mcilduff 

Chief Customer Officer  

Michael Anderson 

Vice President  


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