Improving data strategy at a major retailer


A leading retailer knew its contact centre management information (MI) wasn’t up to the standard of its competitors. Our experts were able to explain why – showing the retailer the gaps and providing practical recommendations for quick fixes and long term change.


A major national retailer knew it was far behind some comparable organisations in terms of its MI & data analysis of contact centre data. In particular, it was to accurately measure key events and had little capacity to understand the reasons why or predict customer behaviour. It asked Davies Consulting to review its approach, benchmarking it against the competition.

Our approach

We quickly identified that the organisation was only able to conduct descriptive analytics – essentially the lowest level of maturity. In practical terms, that meant:

– Reports were run with a dependency on manual processes and manual transfer of information from point

– Little insight was being gathered for operational

The retailer had attempted to address these issues, but a previous MI improvement project had not delivered desired results. In particular, timescales were elongated through poor governance and strained relationships with other functional areas (e.g. IT & Operations).

The retailer had also purchased a lot of technology, including a speech analytics  solution, but had devised a ‘big bang’ deployment rather than starting to utilise what was in place.

We made some core recommendations for change that would allow the retailer to get the information it needed in the short term and improve the analytics culture in the longer term. These included:

– Assign dedicated project owner and build a plan focusing on specific user cases and measures of success and set realistic project

– Utilise the tools immediately available to deliver actionable insights to improve operational

– Implement training & education to support a culture of coaching through

– Produce easily consumable data and insights to help the frontline take actions rather than having to search for the information they require to be

Return on investment

By following our recommendations, the retailer was able to gain a better understanding of contact centre performance, which then enabled it to manage its operations more effectively.

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