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Successful growth is about more than your sales strategy, the entire operation has to scale up to support more customers effectively.

Look outside the box of your sales strategy to create digital growth.  


Successful growth is about more than your sales strategy, the entire operation has to scale up to support more customers effectively. Davies’ consultants can help you predict the likely requirements and prepare the business appropriately – so your customer operations expand at the right speed to not only maintain revenue growth but also increase profitability. 

After engaging with your senior leaders to understand the growth strategy, our experienced team will use detailed analysis and scenario modelling to assess the impact on your operations. We’ll then provide practical recommendations to help you shape your operating model to ensure it can support your growth and help you maintain it. 

The Situation 

A global retailer was targeting an aggressive increase in online sales and asked Davies to help them understand what this would mean in terms of its customer service strategy. 

Our Approach 

Our initial audit for our client highlighted that under its current operations, there was an unusually high level of contact centre engagement – by phone and email – for each online order. If that was maintained as online sales grew, the retailer would need a massive expansion of its contact centre resource to handle the demand. Further, because the retailer’s existing model gave each country responsibility for its own contact centres, the costs and complexities of change were immense. 

Our fundamental recommendations related to improving customer journeys to reduce the number of contacts associated with each order, through enhancing online information and enabling self-service. As well as avoiding the need for rapid expansion, this approach would also ultimately allow the contact centre teams to take on a greater role in value creating interactions. 

Return on Investment  

Based on our findings, we recommended a move to a regionalised contact centre model that would allow more focused investment in people and technology, but with a governance structure that ensured country teams would still have input. 

We continued to support the retailer as it underwent the transformation to its optimised operating model.

Your next level CX operating model is waiting. Get in touch to maximise the potential of your business. 

 John Driver 

Consulting Director 

Michael Anderson 

Vice President 


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