First Time Outsourcing Within Your Business

  • Built around supplier KPIs

  • Ongoing performance data analysis

If you are considering outsourcing for the first time, then collating as much information as possible for the benefit of your business should be a top priority.

Our vastly experienced team can help you put in place the right processes and indicators to make sure the contract meets your expectations. We can also manage suppliers directly on your behalf, or step in to help resolve disputes before they damage the relationship.

Most outsourcing contracts are built around supplier KPIs, with penalties for failing to meet the targets and sometimes rewards for exceeding them. But in addition to these core indicators in monthly reports, clients typically need to monitor other issues and have ongoing performance data – and escalation channels if there’s a dip.

The Situation

A new subscription service provider knew from the outset it lacked the skills to manage its outsourcing supplier – so we were asked to take on the responsibility for the first six months after its service launched.

As we had helped with the procurement, we’d already identified relevant KPIs for the ongoing contract. Now, we worked closely with the client and supplier to set up day-to-day monitoring and management tools.

Our Approach

After the service launched and all teething issues having been addressed, we then focused on skills and knowledge transfer, helping our client’s team understand our approach and the issues that could affect the supplier relationship.

Return on Investment

Around nine months after the contract began, the client’s team took over. However, we carried on providing our support on an ad hoc basis as the team settled into their new role.

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