Automating assurance for VitalityHealth – Helping an organisation improve their quality assurance processes

The situation

Life and health insurer, VitalityHealth approached us to provide analytics resource as they wanted to outsource the build of the automated quality framework and deploy and scale quickly with multiple analyst resources working concurrently. VitalityHealth also intended to use the operational insights without the CAPEX overhead.

With these issues in mind, it was essential for the client to retain ongoing support and mentoring from our experienced team.

Our approach

We conducted an in-depth analysis of our client’s quality framework and created a 12-month programme to build and run a fully functional analytics solution, delivering insight that led to quality and compliance improvements.

Our experienced analysts worked alongside the client’s team to accelerate their benefits whilst also improving the quality and accuracy of their output.

Our team also built a delivery plan to help our client migrate to an automated scorecard, focused on frontline buy-in to the new process.

Return on investment

The ROI was significant as we have provided a fully functional system within two months and implemented quality assurance (QA) on 100% of customer interactions. Our analysts have managed to automate 90% of the steps in the QA processes, which has decreased the quality management resource by over 60%.

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