The people behind Davies: Consulting’s Scott Carmichael on the bigger role real-time analytics can play

10th March 2022

  1. Tell us about your role, what you do and what you find most interesting about it.

I’m a senior analyst for the consulting team at Davies, working particularly in Managed Analytics. Most of my work consists of analysing interactions such as calls, emails, web chats, essentially conversations between our clients and their customers. What we do is we quantify anything that occurs within those interactions and look for patterns and trends in agent performance and customer satisfaction. The most interesting thing about that is that we get to work with plenty of different clients whose customers’ behaviour can change from one industry to the next. As a result, I’m always learning something every time I’m with a new client and learning more about their industries as well. Consequently, every day is different and never boring.


  1. What drew you to work in the analytics industry?

Nothing really drew me in! I never thought that I had and analytical or mathematical mind, and I always linked those two things together. I imagined you had to be into maths to be a good analyst. I actually began working as an agent in a contact centre and realised that I could analyse literally anything to help me improve within my role. I guess what pushed me into analytics was the ability to drive change in myself and scale that to help clients improve by monitoring performance.


  1. What developments do you expect to see within the analytics industry in the next 12 months?

I expect to see a bigger role for real-time analytics, particularly speech analytics that draws insight from customer calls as they happen. This will enable contact centre team leaders and coaches to follow any call taking place and see the transcript of the call as it happens, giving them the ability to keep their eye on multiple agents at once. This ensures that the outcome of customer calls is always going in a positive direction. I’ve been saying this for the last couple of years, but in the next 12 months, I expect to see a big push with real-time analytics.


  1. What are we doing as an organisation to address our client’s challenges?

There are two elements to this question. The first element is that we get a lot of clients that simply don’t know what their challenges are until they come to us. So identifying challenges for them is a big part of the work we do. We often find poor performance areas or bad processes, but that just means we can help even more!

Secondly, we have clients that already know what their challenges are, and we help them quantify these challenges and support them closely to solve them. We have a broad range of propositions  such as interaction analytics, advanced analysis and reporting that we can quickly deploy but we can go a step further and tailor propositions and solutions to the client quickly to fix the problem and reach the outcome that they want.


  1. What was the most rewarding project that you have worked on and why?

I think there’s a couple of projects that come to mind. Several that Davies has been awarded for, come out on top, including our recent award for Best Conversational Feedback Tool at the CX Today 2022 awards.  This client delivers advice and guidance to customers who are looking to buy products and services so we were indirectly helping everyday consumers make better and more informed decisions. That’s pretty rewarding for me because we live in world where misinformation and spam can be circulated easily and I think we all need to learn and share experiences of products/services with others.


  1. If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would that be?

I’ve always liked the quote “out of adversity comes opportunity” so my one piece of advice would be to keep on improving. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. No matter how hard or difficult the situation is, just keep on moving.


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