CX Files Podcast: Managing Intelligent Automation

2nd June 2021

I was interviewed on the CX Files podcast,one of the most popular customer experience focused podcasts, and it was a great opportunity to talk about how Davies Consulting approaches this key topic.

The podcast host, Mark Hillary started by asking me about how brands are defining what intelligent automation means to them and which industries are most interested? I explained by saying: “There is a tendency towards assuming that digital transformation equals automation of processes but at Davies we take the view that digital transformation starts with the customer first, considers the outcomes to be delivered, and then asks what role a variety of different technologies can play in delivering those outcomes. So if we stick with the Davies definition, what we’re seeing in the market is an increasing volume of dialogue with retail, utility, and financial services clients. Those that are getting ahead in this space are the ones that are stepping back from the rush to automate and placing the customer or employee experience at the heart of service design.

But this is only an introduction into the discussion – we talked about much more! The full interview is available online here and on all good podcast applications. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment here or get in touch directly via my LinkedIn.


Author: Simon Dillsworth, Managing Director, Davies Consulting

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